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First Home Buyers

Here are the links for all states first home buyers information. These handy links will direct you to each states first home buyers pages.
We are here to assist with any questions you may have.

Money Smart

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Money Smart are there to help Australians take control of their money and build a better life with free tools, tips and guidance.

Offset Account

Unsure of how an offset account works. Xclusive Money has created a fact sheet, which is full of handy information on how an offset account works.

Variable Rate Home Loan

Variable rate home loans are popular and offered by most lenders. With a variable rate loan, the interest rate you are charged can fluctuate in line with market interest rate changes. Because of this, your home loan repayments may also vary.

Debt Consolidation

We want you to know everything there is regarding debt consolidation. We have created this debt consolidation fact sheet, which is packed full of useful information.

Fixed Rate

A fixed rate home loan allows you to set your interest rate for a period of one, three or five years. Sometimes, you can arrange to secure your interest rate for longer.

Interest Only

The repayment on your mortgage will always include the interest payable on the amount borrowed, no matter what kind of loan you have. With an interest only loan (IO), your repayments only pay the interest that is due and do not reduce the balance (or the amount you borrowed)

Split Loan

A split rate home loan is a loan that allows you to split your home loan into multiple loan accounts that attract different interest rates.

Case Studies
Recovering from Bankruptcy?

Recovering from Bankruptcy?

Recovering from bankruptcy can be a long and difficult process. And even when you’ve been discharged or completed a debt agreement, some lenders will automatically decline your application for a home loan because of the history.

However, there is good news. Some lenders look at things a little bit differently to others. Well-established non-bank lenders like Pepper Money believe a past bankruptcy shouldn’t mean that you’re not able to achieve your future goal of owning your own home. So they designed home loan products specifically to help.

If you’ve been officially discharged from bankruptcy or entered a debt agreement, there are some solutions available today that might suit you. In some cases, a lender may even be able to help with finalising a debt agreement for you – as part of the debt consolidation feature in their relevant home loan option.

Whatever your case looks like, you can begin by talking to us. The more we learn, the better we can help. We’d like to know what you need, understand how the credit issues came about and what’s happened since that means you’re now in a position to consider taking on a mortgage.

Speak with Xclusive Money today about how we may be able to put you in touch with a lender that can help if the major banks say ‘no’to your loan application.

Missed Payments and Poor Conduct

Missed Payments and Poor Conduct

Meet Sean and Ashlee. Married couple with 2 children (and yes they are cute).

Sean and Ashlee were looking at refinance their existing property and also consolidating some other debts, including credit cards and personal loans.

Upon discussion with the clients, and having them being open with Xclusive Money around their money handling and repayment history, we were able to see the full picture and able to find a solution for them.

Another hurdle that we also had to get past, was the fact that the property was in a sole name, and which we were able to demonstrate to the lender, that they both had an interest in the property, so that we were able to refinance and consolidate the other debts that were in sole names.

Bankruptcy Clients, WA

Bankruptcy Clients, WA

Meet Misha and Stephen. They are a defacto couple who were looking at purchasing their first home together.

Misha previously owned a business, to which the bank unfortunately foreclosed on her business and also her investment property and owner occupied property. Unfortunately this all came about her trusted accountant, to which had not done the right thing by their client, and not lodging all the business tax returns etc. which in fact came to ahead and Misha had lost everything she worked so hard for.

We were able to have an open conversation and discuss the finer details of their current situation.

Xclusive Money were able to assist both clients on securing their first home together, even with a bankruptcy still showing on history, even after is was finalised.

Marriage Breakdown

Marriage Breakdown

Meet Rochelle, a single mother of 3 beautiful children.

Rochelle and her ex-husband had separated over 12 months ago, to which Rochelle had taken full responsibility of the mortgage (which was in joint names), and be a stay at home mummy of the children.

As a stay at home mother, and unable to find suitable work, we had an open conversation around her situation and financial position.

Ex-husband was not assisting with making any payments to the mortgage, and was barley assisting with the children’s expenses.

Upon a full assessment with Xclusive Money, we were able to find a suitable solution for the refinance and also the new settlement of the property, which was able to be transferred into her name solely.

Rochelle is now a sole owner of her home with her 3 children.


Damian you have been great. You have been very helpful and have kept us in the loop through the full process. You have gone above and beyond with assisting us with the new purchase of our new home.

Marilyn & Garry, Kalgoorlie

Thank you Damian for your knowledge. You have helped us secure our first home together.

Michelle & Steve, Mandurah

Thank you for everything Damian. You are brilliant at what you do, and being so patient with us from the beginning. You have helped us with getting everything sorted.

Shaun & Ashley, Mandurah