An Xclusive Bang

Hello, and welcome to Xclusive Money.

I would like to intorduce myself, I am Damian and I am the owner of Xclusive Money.
Xclusive Money is a finance company, if you havnt already guessed! 

Our mission and our job is to help you with all your finanical needs, as you make those xclusive purchases throughout your life – House, Car, A Business, Family Holiday, anything really!

Essentially we don’t do much different to any other finance company but we do actually really care and are passionate about being part of getting you what you want!

I come from a background in banking. Im passionate about helping others and I guess Xclusive came from my drive to help people become the absolute best they can be in every area of their life.

Xclusive Money is just the beginning, of the bigger picture of the brand and presence within australia. 

As a broker, we work for you. Every scenario is different and it is our job to find you the best solution for you plus we do actually care about you. 

I like to think we are all fairly clever and creative and we do love to have a laugh (and a wine!). We are so lucky to have just the greatest clients. I have a lot of fun with them all. I love to be part of their lives and usually end up as a life long friend or adopted son.

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